The current target audience of Vroege Vogels (BNN-VARA) is loyal and engaged, but getting on in years. Greenberry was posed the question to develop an easily approachable platform in order to engage a younger audience, and introduce them to the riches of Vroege Vogels.


Vroege Vogels has an enthusiastic following of truly knowledgeable outdoorsmen. Our starting point was the insight that a possibility existed to help disseminate their knowledge to a broader audience.

Determination (noun)

Biologically cataloging a specific plant or animal species, that is to say identifying (for example gender, sub-species, or variety) to what group an example belongs.


Spotted a curious plant or animal? No idea what it could be? Upload photos, a video or soundbite onto the Vroege Vogels App. The nature-knowers of Vroege Vogels will quickly work to identify the species in question. The answer to your question will be one of the 15.000 species recorded in the Naturalis database.

Whatever answer you may receive, the Vroege Vogels App will compile a page of information which consists of photos, articles, TV and radio fragments taken from the database of Vroege Vogels.

De vroege vogels app

The Netherlands is home to rich natural environments. In fact, Dutch nature is so diverse that its hard to know what just flew, walked, or inched by.


For every correctly answered question, experts earn points. We record leaderboards per category.

Real nature fanatics have collected thousands of points since the launch of the app!